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ePublishing & Its Types – Contd 2.


Previously we discussed on Wireless Publishing & Digital content. Now let’s see about Print-on-demand, Electronic Ink & Offline Publishing.

Print-on-demand Publishing :

What is Print-on-demand?  how does it gonna benefit the author?

The name by itself is obvious that the books are printed on the basis of requirement by customer. In other words it can also be called as ‘publish on demand’ where publisher need not print thousands of books. POD works by creating a digital file of a book and storing in database i.e is connected with server/internet or computers.  Whenever computer accepts any command, the file is sent to the digital printer, where one or limited copies of books with covers are printed. Whereas, in traditional publishing plenty of books are being printed and 40-50% of them are returned back by the bookstores to the publisher. It also results in books getting ruined or offering for bargain prices in secondhand bookstores.

POD method of publishing protects publisher from the risk of books getting returned from the bookstore, artificial scarcity and book storing cost.

Electronic Ink :

Electronic Inks are also called as electronic paper. It is paper like display used in eReader & other devices like iPad, Kindle & Kindle Fire, Nook, Kobo, Smartphone’s, etc., This method has a high influence on media and publishing industries. Electronic Ink is used to create a newspaper or book that updates itself. This technology was developed by the E-Ink Corporation that simulates the appearance of ink on paper.

Example:  Billboards that look like posters with rotating ads, newspapers that update automatically.

Offline Publishing :

Offline publishing is the process of distributing your digital content via CDs/DVDs or Flash-drives by creating an EXE/ App file. No upload, no IT department or no service provider required for your content.

Last but not least…At this juncture, you should have got some understanding about different types of ePublishing. Don’t you???

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6 thoughts on “ePublishing & Its Types – Contd 2.

  1. Thanks for this nice article. Thanks for the info of different printing types !!! Had a great heavy food :)

  2. For so far this is again a best published article where I lay my eyes on. Thank you for this very detailed case study! Im 100% sure that many will find it helpful on different types of ePublishing. Thanks and take care WS !!!

  3. Respectfully, I must agree.

    I really, really think we need to define types of publishing by the one truly defining aspect of business: money.

    Traditional publishing is where all the proceeds flow to the publisher first, and the publisher then pays the author. This may or may not include an advance. The author pays the publisher nothing.

    Vanity press is where all the proceeds flow to the publisher first,(and in theory the publisher then pays the author,) AND the author also pays money to the publisher.

    Self-publishing is where all the proceeds flow to the author (or the author’s company) first, and the author pays money to service providers (editors, cover artists, etc) at the author’s discretion as services are required.

    Thusly, “partnership publishing” is traditional publishing. Both DIY types are self-publishing.

  4. I’m saving this for future reference. Plus, I’m sharing it to my audience.

  5. This is a great breakdown. Thanks for posting!


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